Getting started with vCloud Director Portal
When you log into the tenant portal, there are a number of tasks you can complete, from creating virtual machines and vApps, to setting up advanced networki...
Di, 6 Aug, 2019 om 5:42 PM
Working with Virtual Machines
A virtual machine is a software computer that, like a physical computer, runs an operating system and applications. The virtual machine consists of a set of...
Wo, 7 Aug, 2019 om 10:49 AM
Working with vApps
A vApp consists of one or more virtual machines that communicate over a network and use resources and services in a deployed environment. A vApp can contain...
Wo, 7 Aug, 2019 om 10:52 AM
Managing Organization VDC Networks
Organization virtual data center networks are created and assigned to your organization virtual data center by a system administrator or an organization adm...
Di, 6 Aug, 2019 om 5:44 PM
Working with Catalogs
A catalog is a container for vApp templates and media files in an organization. Organization administrators and catalog authors can create catalogs in an or...
Wo, 7 Aug, 2019 om 10:55 AM
Handleiding - Sophos UTM
In onze IaaS omgevingen leveren wij standaard de Sophos UTM firewall mee, tenzij anders afgesproken.  In deze handleiding wordt beknopt beschreven hoe u de...
Di, 5 Sep, 2017 om 1:26 PM
Handleiding - Sophos Site-to-Site VPN
Deze handleiding legt uit hoe men met de Sophos UTM een Site-to-Site VPN tunnel kan opzetten.
Wo, 19 Dec, 2018 om 10:41 AM
Handleiding - SPLA controle
Deze handleiding beschrijft welke stappen ondernomen moeten worden wanneer een controle van de SPLA aangifte plaats vindt.  
Di, 5 Sep, 2017 om 1:29 PM