Oracle recovery

The Backup Manager recovers the backup folder created by Oracle Recovery Manager for backup purposes. The complete database recovery is done using native Oracle instruments.


The Backup Manager should be installed to Windows XP or a later version of Windows. It can be the same machine where the original Oracle database has been located or a different one. The versions of Windows needn't necessary coincide.


To recover the backup folder, do the following:

  1. Install the Backup Manager to the computer you want to recover the backup folder to.

  2. Start the Backup Manager.

  3. Click Restore > Oracle.

  4. From the Session time list, select the session to recover.

  5. In the restore tree, select the root of the Oracle database.

  6. In the Restore to field, specify the recovery destination.

  7. Click Restore.

The duration of the recovery process depends on the size of your database, the data transfer speed and the performance of your computer.

Complete database recovery

To complete the database recovery process, use Oracle Recovery Manager. For more information see Performing Complete Database Recovery (Oracle support instructions)