MS SQL recovery

The Backup Manager lets you recover databases powered by Microsoft SQL Server.

Pre-recovery instructions

Install the Backup Manager to the machine that you want to recover the data to. It can be your MS SQL Server or any other Windows computer (Windows XP or greater).

Recovery options

Just like with other data sources, you can recover MS SQL databases to either of the following:

  • Original location

  • Intermediate location

Recovery to the original location

To recover MS SQL to the original location, leave the Restore to field blank. In that case the recovered data will be merged with the current data. Note that the feature requires SQL Server installation.

If you include the master database into your recovery selection, stop the SQL Server service before you start the recovery.

  1. Start the Services Console (services.msc).

  2. Right-click SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) and then choose Stop from the context menu.

When the recovery is completed, you'll need to start the SQL Server service. It can be done through the Services Console or by rebooting the machine.

Recovery to an intermediate location

You can recover MS SQL to an intermediate location. It doesn't require the SQL Server installation. When the recovery is completed, you'll need copy the recovered data to the target location manually.