Oracle backup

Backup Manager users can back up Oracle databases powered by Oracle Database 11g (Standard and Enterprise editions). The minimum backup unit is a database.

Backup procedure overview

Backup files are created by means of Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) and saved to the folder you specify (the backup folder). A full database backup is performed including the Control File and the Server Parameter File. The Backup Manager processes the backup files for secure and efficient transfer and sends them to storage. The files can be cleared immediately after backup or later (depending on your settings).


The Backup Manager must be installed on a Windows system. It can be the same machine where Oracle is located or a different one. In the latter case the Backup Manager connects to Oracle remotely through Oracle Client. You will need to configure some remote connection settings before you start backups (Pre-backup settings for remote access to Oracle).

Read and write access to the backup folder is required.

The backup folder must have a sufficient amount of free space. The amount of space you'll need depends on the database size and on your retention settings. For example, if the size of generated .bck files during one session is 15 GB and "Retention in backup counts" is set to 1, you need at least 30 GB of free space. Please be aware that due to data compression changes the size of the backup folder in the recent versions has increased in comparison to versions 15.9-15.12. However, the amount of data submitted to storage has decreased and is going to decrease further as you continue delta backups.

Backup settings

Oracle server access

Enter access details for the Oracle server. An administrator account is required (SYSDBA). The Server field is the TNS alias.

Backup folder access

  • If the Backup Manager is located on the same machine with your Oracle server, the backup folder is available on a local drive. Format for Linux servers: /export/home/app/oracle/backup. Format for Windows servers: D:\Export\Home\App\Oracle\Backup.

  • If the Backup Manager is installed on another machine, specify the path to the network drive that was mounted in step 3 of the pre-backup settings.

Retention control settings

You can specify how often the backup folder must be cleaned up.

  • Retention in backups count – the number of backup sessions that should be completed before the files are deleted.

  • Retention in days – the number of days that should pass before the files are deleted.