The Files and folders data source is used to provide backup and recovery service for individual files and directories located on the computer that the Backup Manager is installed on.

Backup steps

1. Configure backup selection

Firstly, you should specify what you want to back up. This is done on the Backup tab in the Backup Manager.

To add a data source to your backup selection, click the Add button next to its name.

Then select the files, folders or components (such as databases, virtual disks and so on) that should be backed up. Here is an example for the "Files and Folders" data source.

You can let the Backup Manager help you choose data for backup. The feature is called Automatic File Selection.

To make sure all necessary data has been included into your backup selection, click on the name of the data source.

If you clear your backup selection afterwards, you'll be offered to remove all backup copies of these files from the Cloud. The action is irreversible.

2. Start backup

Option A: Start a one-time backup

A backup can be initiated manually at any time. Open the Backup tab and click Run backup.

Note that the Run backup button is unavailable until at least one data source is configured for backup.

The duration of the backup process depends on the size of your backup selection, the data transfer speed and the performance of your computer.

Option B (recommended): Enable regular backups

It is most convenient to set up a backup schedule and let backups run automatically without your interference. Note that your computer should be turned on during backups and shouldn't enter the sleep mode.

To create a backup schedule or edit existing schedules, go to Preferences > Schedule.