The way to uninstall the Backup Manager on Linux is determined by the file format of the installer you used. There are three of them altogether:

  • RUN – this is the recommended format (suits all Linux distributions and requires minimum settings)

  • DEB – for Debian and Ubuntu

  • RPM – for CentOS, RHEL, and SUSE

Step 1. Uninstall the Backup Manager

To uninstall the Backup Manager from your Linux machine, run the command suitable for your installation package.

  • RUN: # /opt/MXB/sbin/

  • DEB: # apt-get -y remove --purge mxb

  • RPM: # rpm -e mxb

Step 2 (optional). Remove related files

You can clear all files created by the Backup Manager using the following command (suits all of the Linux distributions):

# rm -rf /opt/MXB