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Windows users can install the Backup Manager through a set-up wizard or use silent installation. Please find below detailed silent installation instructions.

  1. Run cmd.exe as an administrator.

  2. Download the Backup Manager for your operating system (visit the Downloads page).

  3. Run the installer and submit appropriate parameters for the installation. Here is an example:

mxb-windows-x86_x64.exe -user="admin-ubuntu-3a" -password="dg224hs-0091" -encryption-key="SECUR_ITY2016!"

Required parameters

Technically, all of the parameters are optional and the Backup Manager can be installed by submitting the name of the installer alone. However, if you skip parameters from this group, you'll be asked to enter them when you start the application.

Parameter Description Supported values
-user= The device name issued by your service provider or system administrator (required for authentication) Text
-password= The password issued by your service provider or system administrator (required for authentication) Text
-encryption-key= Enter a security key that will be used to encrypt your data.

Please use a key that you can easily remember. It won't be possible to re-install the Backup Manager and recover your data without this key.
Text (6-50 symbols)

Proxy settings (optional)

Parameter Description Supported values
-use-proxy= This setting prompts the Backup Manager to connect to the Internet through a proxy server.

  • 1 (use a proxy connection)

  • 0 (don't use a proxy connection) – default

-proxy-type= The type of the proxy server

  • 0 – HTTP

  • 1 – SOCKS4

  • 2 – SOCKS5

-proxy-address= The address of the proxy server IP address or host name, for example or
-proxy-port= The port number of the proxy server Number
-use-proxy-authorization= Prompts the Backup Manager that the proxy requires authorization by username.

  • 1 – the proxy requires authorization

  • 0 – the proxy doesn't require authorization

-proxy-username= A username for access to the proxy server Text, for example domain\username or username
-proxy-password= A password for access to the proxy server Text

Other optional parameters

Parameter Description Supported values
-encryption-method= Your preferred data encryption method (required to secure access to your data)

  • AES-128(default)

  • AES-256

  • Blowfish-448

-restore-only This setting lets you install a Backup Manager device in the restore-only mode (for example, because it's already installed on another computer). N/A (enter the parameter as is)
-profile-name The name of the backup profile you want to assign to the device Text


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