SPX supports the following file systems:

  • FAT16

  • FAT16X

  • FAT32

  • FAT32X

  • NTFS

Important: If you want to do continuous incremental backups your volumes need to use NTFS.

  • MBR Disks

  • GPT Disks

  • Basic and Dynamic Volumes and Disks

  • 4K/AF drives with 4096-byte physical sectors and 512-byte sector emulation

Important: Backups of 4K/Advanced Format drives won’t successfully VirtualBoot on VirtualBox unless 512-byte sector emulation (512e) is enabled on the volumes being backed up.

SPX does not support:

  • exFAT or ReFS file systems

  • Windows Storage Spaces storage pools

  • Windows Server Cluster Shared Volumes

  • Using VirtualBoot with UEFI-based system volumes

SPX also does NOT backup any links created with the SUBST command (or calls to DefineDosDevice()) because such links reside *outside* of any persistent file system.


SPX performs data volume (not boot volume) restores from these image files:

  • SPF

  • SPI

Note: SPX does not support restores from VHD or VHDX files.