Step 1: Download and Install

To start using the Backup Manager, download an installer for your operating system. The installation wizard guides your through several quick steps.

1. Download and run the installer
From your browser's Downloads window,double click the file that just downloaded.

2. Unpack the installer
After Double-clicking the package, complete the unpacking wizard according to your preferences.

3. Fill in your credentials

In the installation settings window please provide your device name and password. These are provided by your backup service provider or system adminstrator.

Step 2: Language settings

The Backup Manager is available in many languages. Choose the language for the current installation.

Step 3: Personal access

Enter your access details for the Backup Manager. Your device name and password is required.

If you need access details, please contact your system administrator or service provider.

Step 4: Security code

Set a security code that will be used to encrypt your data. It can be any word or sentence of your choice. Using this secret code, you can encrypt your files with a strong encryption algorithm, therefore keeping your private data protected from unauthorized access. The most important challenge is finding the best code, the one that you can remember but that no one else knows or can guess.

Additionally, you can choose a preferred data encryption method (AES-128, AES -256 or Blowfish-448). AES-128 is the predefined data encryption method in the Backup Manager.

Important: You must remember your security code. It will not be possible to access your backup data without it or to re-install the current Backup Manager device.

Step 5: Schedule your backup (optional)

You can specify at what time to start regular backups and choose appropriate frequency.

Step 6: Report via email (optional)

Enter your email address to start receiving email reports on the statuses of recent backup activities. The frequency of report delivery is customizable.

Step 7: Automatic selection for backup (Windows workstations only)

You can quickly populate your backup selection with documents, images and videos detected on your computer.

You can change your initial choice of the file groups after the installation as well as refine your backup selection.